We provide quality Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, and Acetylene Gases in Sri Lanka

Industrial Gases

The requirements for gases and chemicals in the welding industry are amongst the most stringent in Sri Lanka. The industrial gas service at Lakshantha Enterprises is dedicated to support your processes by supplying Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, CO2, Acetylene gases as safely as possible and at a lower cost to your business.

Gas Equipment

Our knowledge and capability makes us the ideal partner to provide our customers with products that meet the demands of their business. This has allowed Lakshantha Enterprises to offer complete solutions, supplying high-quality gas equipment and welding products across the country.

Motor Lubricants

Our partnership with the Asian petroleum giant IOC enables us to extend our business into oil market while catering motor lubricant needs of our customers. We offer high quality brake fluid and multigrade engine oil which can be used in a wide range of passenger car and light-duty commercial vehicles with four-stroke spark ignition engines.

IT Solutions

We deliver bespoke IT solutions to help you maintain and administer your gas-related process. Our electronic inventory management and automatic supply solutions, enable you to focus only on your main business activities by relieving you from your day-to-day tasks.

About Us

We at Lakshantha Enterprises offer quality and convenient products for all your welding needs.
Our customers use our gases to improve quality and enhance productivity.

For over 10 years we at Lakshantha Enterprises, an authorized agent of Ceylon Oxygen (a member of Linde Group) distribute and manage industrial gases and gas-related equipment for our regional customers in Sri Lanka, delivering the fullest support to address their needs.

Founded in 2004 Lakshantha Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. started off small, serving only Oxygen gases with a stock of less than 10 gas cylinders (gas bottles). Over the years we not only expanded our variety of gases into CO2 gas, Argon gas, Nitrogen gas, and Acetylene but also increased our stock base to over 50 gas cylinders.

We also widened our product portfolio into welding accessories such as iron welding rods, brass rods, welding supplies, acetylene torch, oxy acetylene, safety goggles, arc welding rods, welding holders, etc. In addition to welding equipment we specialize in gas equipment such as Oxygen regulators, Acetylene regulators, regulator valves, oxy acetylene torch kit etc.

We recently stepped into IT software development where we aim to provide software solutions to manage industrial gas-related processes.

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