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With a proven track record of over 10 years in the industrial gases and equipment market, our understanding of our customers’ requirements is unequaled.

Lakshantha Enterprises, an authorized agent of Ceylon Oxygen Ltd. (member of Linde Group) distributes and troubleshoots industrial gases and gas-related equipment for the regional customers, addressing their industrial gas needs. Founded in 2004 Lakshantha Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. started off small, serving only Oxygen gases with a stock of less than 10 gas cylinders. Over the years we not only expanded our variety of gases into CO2, Argon, Nitrogen, and Acetylene but also increased our stock base to over 50 gas cylinders.

We also widened our product portfolio into welding accessories such as iron welding rods, brass rods, safety goggles, arc welding rods, welding holders, etc. In addition to welding equipment we specialize in gas equipment such as Oxygen regulators, Acetylene regulators, regulator valves, etc.


We recently stepped into IT software development where we aim to provide software solutions to manage industrial gas-related processes.

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